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Learn English with ESL Study Resources
Students and teachers, use these English study resources for self-study, lesson planning, and even homework. Improve your skills in listening, pronunciation, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, as well as in English for specific purposes. Email your favorite ESL study links to info@eslmarketing.com.

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Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation
♦  esl-lab.com Randall’s Listening Lab
♦  weareny We Are New York – Video Lessons
♦  real-english.com video clips for listening
♦  Video Nation BBC video clips for English
♦  americanaccent.com Accent Reduction site
♦  ello.org Free online listening resource
♦  elfs.com Tongue twisters with consonants
♦  IPA International Phonetic Alphabet charts
♦  minimal pairs Pronunciation diagnostic test
♦  evaeaston.com listening/pronunciation files
♦  uiowa.edu sounds of American English
♦  Interactive voicing, nasality, lip and tongue

♦  a4esl.org interactive grammar/bilingual quiz
♦  englishpage.com irregular verbs, print quizzes
♦  washington.edu reported speech grammar
♦  www.englishgrammar.org free grammar guide

♦  Purdue OWL online writing lab

Reading & Vocabulary
♦  tc.columbia.edu interactive and timed readings
♦  voanews.com news reports for English learners
♦  breakingnewsenglish.com breaking news English
♦  onlinenewspapers.com online newspapers (global)
♦  topics-mag.com esl magazine for students
♦  gallaudet.edu esl reading links for students
♦  esl-lab.com 20 minute esl vocabulary lessons

Other ESL Link Resources
♦  bbc.co.uk BBC business English resource 
♦  successfulesl.com/blog ESL teaching ideas/tips
♦  khake.com vocational English resource center
♦  Yahoo ESL comprehensive listing of ESL links
♦  Bob Schwab.com timeline of the English language
♦  Summer Study Abroad Global Student Experience provides study abroad programs in Europe, Australia, Argentina and the UK.
♦  siu.edu resources for esl teachers and students
♦  membres.lycos.fr English for engineering
♦  New Job Interview tips for teachers
♦  englishinny.com resources for all language areas
♦  online English lessons learn English online

Email info@eslmarketing.com to suggest great English study resources for this page.

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